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Counseling Experience: (9 years) behavioral and emotional problems in children and adults, crises, trauma and abuse, premarital, marital and family, Psychological assessment and Counselling Supervision. Counseling Language: English & Tamil Language understood: Hindi and Telugu

Deepthi is a counselling psychologist who works with young adults, women and families. She has worked as a counsellor in colleges and schools and as a consultant psychologist with various NGO's. She has taught in different colleges and has also conducted training programs and workshops. She has an M.Sc specializing in counselling and psychotherapy and an M.Phil in Psychology specializing in premarital counselling



Counseling Experience: (4 years) in Trauma Care, Sexual Abuse, Depression Counseling Languages : English & Hindi

Sneha is a Psychologist who leads the operations of the NGO Justice and Hope. She stands up for the rights of the vulnerable and has a heart for those who are broken and hurting. Growing up in a family whose parents serve in the villages, Sneha started helping out those in need at a very young age. She works at orphanages and protection homes providing counselling for children who have been trafficked, abused and abandoned, bringing hope into their lives. She has an M.Sc Psychology with specialization in Counselling & Psychotherapy.



Counseling Experience: (19 years) in Trauma Care, Sexual Abuse, PTSD intervention, Domestic Violence, Child Sexual Abuse, Substance abuse, Resource Abuse.
Counseling Language: English
Languages understood: Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu

Pranitha is a human rights advocate and counselor. She has worked with prisoners, children, youth, women and families in the areas of Trauma Care, Sexual Abuse, PTSD intervention, Domestic Violence, Child Sexual Abuse, Substance abuse, Resource Abuse. She has a Masters in Social Work, Medical & Psychiatry and specialization in Counseling. She is married and has two children.



Counseling Experience: (5 years) in Sexual abuse, Domestic violence, Trauma care, Behavioural interventions. Counseling Language: English & Tamil

Persis is a consulting counsellor for two NGOs. Her experience has been with adolescent girls and women, counseling them in areas of Sexual abuse, Domestic violence, Trauma care and Behavioural interventions. She completed her Masters in social work specializing in Medical & Psychiatry and Post graduate Diploma in Counselling.

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