Smoking and its effects

Smoking and its effects on health, family & relationships

  • ‘Not everything that glitters is gold’. A casual phrase maybe, but a hard truth as well! Smoking lays its killer hands on not just your body, but your family, and work. Destroying them. Leading them to a slow but steady death. How? Read on to find out.
  • Health:
    I don’t have to tell you about the age old relationship between smoking and lung cancer. But here’s something shocking! It can cause cancer in more than just your lungs.
  • • According to Dr. Godwin Thomas, tobacco use can also cause kidney cancer, cancer of the mouth, head and neck cancer, esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, urinary bladder cancer, cervical cancer. Oh, but it doesn’t stop there; mercilessly it plunges on, causing more grief to the body like.
  • •Increased blood pressure; it reduces the body’s capacity to fight off infections, especially respiratory tract infections.
  • • Smoking also results in erectile dysfunction and also causes impotence.
  • • Basically smoking affects many organs and is a poison that kills a person slowly.
  • Family:
    Another area of your life that it can take prisoner is your relationship with your family and loved ones. When it comes to smoking, you tend to take on a very laidback and cool attitude towards life. Not only do you not want to take up responsibilities at home with this laidback attitude, you also push your family to take part in something called Passive smoking. You put your family at the same health dangers as mentioned above.
  • Appearance:
    The ill effects of smoking messes with your looks! Where once was a healthy, beautiful young face, smoking causes you to age sooner. Dr. Godwin says that smoking can cause discoloration of fingers and lips. The breath and clothes of the person begin to stink of smoke (this can be very off putting for some people). You may have a laid back attitude to life, but it might just be the thing that drives people away from you.
  • Work:
    This is one area that is affected the most. Since you can’t smoke in office, and since you cannot leave office to smoke at your whim; there is an increase in the need for a smoke; this causes severe irritability; you lose focus on the work at hand. If you think you can perform better because you are high, then that, my friend is a myth!
  • All in all, while smoking may have its calming effects, but the goodness stops right there. From thereon starts the bad, and the list is never ending. What I have mentioned are just a few..heed to the warning on the cigarette pack..smoking is injurious to health. Yours and others! Do the smart thing, and quit smoking today!

4 Ways to Quit Smoking

4 Ways to Quit Smoking and it’s benefits!

  • If you have made up your mind to quit smoking, then let me congratulate you! Stick to your decision! It may get hard, you may want to give up; but keep at it! There are many ways to push yourself to take that first step; I have penned down a few for you. The benefits of which are in abundance.
  • 1) Decreased use of cigarettes per day:
    This method has proven to be effective. Keep a track of the number of cigarettes you smoke in a day, and then reduce it by 1 every two days. This helps you recognize your smoking behaviour and allows for your body to slowly adjust to the reduced intake of tobacco. Over a period of time, you are able to completely stop ingesting your body with tobacco.
  • 2) Avoid triggering factors:
    For every smoker there are triggering factors. It could be your morning coffee that stimulates the craving, a social gathering, a long drive alone in your car, stress etc. Try your best to avoid these, or better yet run away from these! Find what your triggers are! And then keep away from it. How? Keep a note of the time of day, how intense your craving feels (on a scale of 1 to 5), what you’re doing at that moment, where you are, who you’re with, and how you feel (happy, stressed, bored, etc.)
  • 3) Group Therapy:
    It’s always best to have support around you when you are doing something tough. Surround yourself with people that encourage you when you feel like quitting on quitting! Find a group therapy session. These sessions help you plan strategies for quitting and dealing with withdrawal symptoms. You even have the opportunity to share stories and experiences with other members. Believe me, this is encouraging ad gives you just the boost you need to push yourself forward in this hard path.
  • 4) Find other to elevate mood:
    If you are someone who smokes to elevate stress, get high, feel light..then here’s a news flash..smoking is only TEMPORARY. So slowly try and find other that will help you elevate your mood. When you have symptoms of withdrawal, imdulge in activities that will be a good substitutes for that ‘high’ feeling. Nicotine patches are a good way to start. If you are creative, indulge in some artsy stuff; get your focus away from the craving and concentrate on something else.
  • Small tricks these may be, but they work wonders. It may take long, and it may be hard; but the more you strive to do it,the faster you’ll be able to get rid of it!

5 Ways to escape the craving to smoke

5 Ways to escape the craving to smoke

  • Some of us have tried to quit smoking and yet are unable to do so. May be work stress, a fight or just a friend compelling you to give him company are those times when you ended up smoking when you really didn’t want to. Here are some ways to fight your craving for smoke or just happily give it a miss!
  • 1. That craving with your morning chai (or coffee)
    For many, their morning chai is incomplete without a puff. The best way to deal with this is to start small. Reduce the number of tea or coffee that you take in a day. Do this for a week or so. This gives you time and mind to adjust with the intake and reduce the craving.
  • 2. When you’re out and someone offers you a smoke:
    You’re trying your level best to quit, and then someone offers you a smoke. It’s like gold on a golden platter! Now either you can shrewdly slip away from that place giving some reason or just draw the courage to say ‘NO’.
  • 3. Office breaks and that whiff of nicotine:
    Office breaks are a prime ground for a good puff. Pair up with likeminded buddies who will help you to quit. You could go down to the canteen where smoking is prohibited and chew on a sandwich; get to know them. Trust me, they are fun too!
  • 4. Stress:
    When Stressed “Take a break”. Focus on something else. Spend time with friends. Laugh a little; and your mind will automatically clear. Be smoke free, be stress free!
  • 5. The pressure to feel ‘cool’:
    The pressure to feel cool, to fit in, to feel that you belong is real. Only, your lungs don’t feel as cool; or that it fits in. Instead, you be the trend setter. You’ll be saving not just your lungs, but lungs of many 100 other people just like you! Avoid friendships that can cost you your life, unless you are really head strong that you won’t give in.