I married a drug addict.

I had an arranged marriage, and I expected my husband to be a wonderful person who will love me and take care of me. However, my marriage turned out to be something far from my dreams. I entered into this marriage unaware of the fact that my husband was a drug addict. No one knew. Not even my parents.

It came as a shock to me that my in-laws knew about it. What topped it all was the fact that they thought that marriage would help him get rid of this habit. But it did not change a thing. Marriage only seemed to feed his addiction as he would steal things from the house in order to buy more drugs. He would quarrel with me all the time, and life in our home was difficult. When my in-laws became aware of the situation, they separated us for a time, but did not help me in anyway.

To make matters worse, I developed deep disappointment with my in-laws because I felt they had deceived me by hiding the fact that their son was a drug addict. I began to think of my own family as liars, and lost hope and courage to face my future.

I wanted to talk to someone to get courage and hope; I finally made a call to a helpline and they listened to my problems. They took the time and the energy and the patience to discuss various approaches with me that would help me deal with this situation. They advised me and encouraged me on various ways to help my husband fight this addiction. We are slowly making a U-turn. The ride has not been easy, but we are taking steps and we are making progress.