Don't-dos after a breakup

Break up is not a novel word to us anymore. We read about breakups of famous personalities and how sometimes they are asked the same old questions about their past relationships. Some people ask them to share their thoughts on how they managed to move on post a breakup. One of the celebrities mentioned that a breakup can happen anytime, sometimes a relationship clicks; sometimes it doesn't. What it really takes to build a great relationship is a different aspect all together. In this article we want to help you see three things that are a big "NO" post a break up. This will help you deal with it in a more effective manner:

1) Don't pretend you are OK.
Breakup is an experience so it should become a factor to decide your way ahead. It is important to take time to reflect on things that happened for good and bad both. It is absolutely fine to share with close friends how you feel, cry and then get over it. There is no point in being like a coconut at this point of time – bold and firm on the outside and teary inside. Be yourself and accept what was meant to happen.

2) Don't turn to substance abuse to temporarily unwind.
What may just start as a sip or puff can slip you into an addiction forever. It may take years to come out it. It is better to think wisely and demonstrate good self control over our actions keeping in mind future implications. It may cost some their career, poor academic performances, etc. The list is endless.

3) Don't look for immediate consolation or revenge by jumping into another relationship
When breakups happen, you are in a very vulnerable position to welcome whatever is coming to fill in the void created. It may happen that post break up a girl/boy may be approached by a common friend who was wanting to an opportunity to be more than a friend. He/she may very well know that you are low and lonely at this point of time and may want to take that advantage to get in a relationship with you. Before jumping into it, take plenty of time and only then decide.